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Media role has increased a lot in kid’s lives. Kid’s life in today’s fast moving & competitive world is under a lot of pressure and raising kids in the world where, learning disability diagnosis, bullying, childhood obesity, lack in behaviour & skill, social development are at all time highs, isn’t easy.

Education has been always a helpful tool for everyone in this world to overcome all this constraints in living a perfect life. And defining & choosing a ideal school for such education has become real burden on kids as well as their Parents

Choosing the Perfect School

This all started...

When I was trying to find the perfect & required school for my son, I used every available resource to me. The problem, these sources weren’t giving me all the information to be totally confident in making all my decisions regarding my son’s admission. I went online to visit school Web sites, visited school campus. I talked with my colleagues, friends, relatives. Sure, this was all very helpful, but nothing really told me what life was like at the schools that I was most interested in for my Son.

Only two ways were there to get the perfect information I wanted for my son’s admission. One was by physically visiting all the school campus and seeing if things were really as were described in respective school brochures, but this was quite expensive and not always feasible. The second was interacting with the students of that school. Talking to real students who actually attended the schools that I was interested in gave me the information that I needed so badly.

In the end, I weighed my options and decided on a school that felt right and had a great academic reputation, but to be true, I still was confused about the choice for my son’s school. I had done a lot of research as any other student or parent would have done for selecting a school to study in, but I was not absolute sure that I had picked the dream school for my son.

Rewinding back, I’m sure that my choice for my son’s school was not absolute accurate, I understand that every school is not right for every person. I dreamt of creating SchoolZIndia, to create a right platform that students & parents would feel confident using for deciding about a school. My experience is that the best way to find out about anything is to ask people who actually have done it or are experiencing it currently.

I hope you enjoy surfing for you as a parent, as a kid, as a school, as I have enjoyed putting SchoolZIndia all together. Do tell me what are your opinions & further ways to improve when you get a chance, on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or through Contact Us

Prashant Kalra

Parents want to do the best always they can for their kids but almost always they don’t have the right & accurate information to help them navigate & make their kids competitive in today’s complicate world. Family involvement in kid’s education improves kid’s success at school.

Choosing a right school for education is one of the biggest decisions ever made, by kids or their parents, in their life. If you end up deciding up at the right school, it will be one of the best decisions of your life. Not having an enough and ideal information about schools is a big problem for kids & there parents. And the bigger issue, how to find the best information & make decision fast, related to education.

SchoolZIndia is a portal which provides children & there parent access to information about almost all schools in India, and that too absolutely free. SchoolZIndia provides kids and their parents the resources, articles which give them the answers they need regarding kid’s school.

And that’s our aim & goal – to help you find the right school, to get the best out of your school life and to improve Education in India.

SchoolZindia is one-stop information for all kids, parents, schools & others regarding educational, developmental, and parenting questions. In using, you can-

Find, Compare & Review a school

SchoolZIndia is the country's leading source of information on schools available in India. With listings of almost all public, private & others schools serving students from preschool through high school and lot of users (including parents) ratings and reviews regarding schools so that you can decide about the school with ease. Comparison among various schools can also be done.

Find School Utilities

On SchoolZIndia you can find almost every utility related to kids, parents & schools. So, a one stop-search for all your time-to-time needs.

Read Articles & School Utilities

On SchoolZIndia you have access to many articles related to kids, education & school activities which help in parenting & kid’s development. These all makes learning at Home for kids and parents more fun.

Participate in Discussions

You can participate in various discussions available on SchoolZIndia discussion board. You can start a discussion with a new topic and get reviews & answers you are looking for.

Add & Improve your School

You can add complete details about your school or school you know for view & review. This would help you in improving the school by comparing it with other schools.

SchoolZIndia has become the ready guide for kids & there parents aiming to make a smart school to choose for education.

We have a mission to inspire & guide kids and their parents for the perfect and alright school. That's why we continually aim to be the most accurate, complete, and honest resource on schools across the entire India.

Launched recently, welcomes you and all. We know finding a perfect school & being a parent is not an easy job and we at are trying to share this tough job and make it easy for you.


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Compare Schools

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